I Should Be Asleep…

Recently my workload has led to me growing quickly into a nocturnal lifestyle.  During the last week I’ve been busy finishing off coursework and revising so I’ve kept more sensible bed times, but my bodyclock doesn’t know where it’s at so I can quite easily stay up to 4am like I just have done now.

Anyway, by way of introduction, I’m James, a 4th year Computer Science student at the University of St Andrews.  Within weeks I’ll be out into the “real world” and will be looking for a job of sorts.  I’m thinking I’d like to start in web application development with Ruby on Rails, as that’s something I’ve enjoyed in the past when I worked on Graduate Junction and Postgraduate Toolbox.  I also enjoy basic PHP/CSS/HTML web development, at least as far as my limited creative streak goes – I do better at the coding to be honest!  My latest site is TECC Project that I made for a Jason Sexton, a cool guy at my church in St Andrews, the St Andrews Baptist Church.

I’m not expecting I’ll make much of this blog – at least not for the next few weeks.  Following my departure from St Andrews I may well pick it up and post on the topic of Ruby on Rails once I sink my teeth into the latest Rails 3.  Otherwise, I may post random and unrelated stuff regarding gaming, programming or life updates (not so sure about the latter!).

If you are interested in my random musings, you’ll hear from me more often on Twitter.

If you want to check out my previous blog then head to my SH Project Blog (now defunct) to see my progress through the past academic year on my senior honours project.  It was rather fun, but the dissertation and 3 weeks solid work come the end (following a few weeks of already solid work that left me no time to work on my project) was very tiring.  In fact, I was at a BBQ last night, chatting with some guys, making new friends and meeting old friends I’d not seen in ages and realised I really haven’t had time to socialise thanks to my work in a very long time.  CS students don’t have a social life!  Anyway, the end is nigh and all difficult work completed, only one exam to go.

Speaking of which, I should get some sleep so I can get some revision done later today.  Good night!


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